Business & Entrepreneurship Center

Business Entrepreneurship ProgramThe Business & Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) consists of a strategic network of partnerships with regional and state industry, education and government entities who collaborate to build strong and successful California businesses and encourage youth entrepreneurship.

To assist small businesses and encourage youth entrepreneurship, BEC collaborates and partners with private, public, and non-profit entities to provide an abundance of resources in order to build strong, sustainable, and successful businesses. These resources include economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, community-based business outreach centers, and other community-based organizations whose primary mission is to assist small businesses.

The three core objectives identifying BEC from other assistance centers are strength, assistance, and expansion.

  • Strength – BEC strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit in California by encouraging young people to engage in entrepreneurship as a legitimate lifetime career path.
  • Assistance – BEC assists with regional and statewide efforts to increase the success of business through partnerships and collaborations with industry, education and government.
  • Expansion – BEC expands entrepreneurship curriculum across community college campuses.