California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center

Realizing the opportunities for both California and Mexico businesses, officials from both governments agreed to appropriate funds for the purpose of encouraging bilateral trade. As a result, the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC) was created to assist California companies in capturing the full potential of imports and exports.

The Northern California-Sacramento Regional CMTAC provides a variety of services for northern California businesses throughout its twenty-one county service area. Consultants are experienced in trade with Mexico, the Spanish language, government regulations, cultural and business practices to link clients with viable opportunities, as well as are able to identify obstacles and provide strategy. Since the CMTAC is linked with five statewide centers, it allows access to Mexico trade experts and proprietary databases which connect companies to Mexican buyers and suppliers.

Importers and exporters doing business in the 21-county service area in northern California can take advantage of the following CMTAC consulting services:

  • Best markets
  • Working with Mexico and U.S. Customs
  • Selecting agents/distributors
  • Finding buyers and suppliers
  • Freight forwarders and custom house brokers
  • Trade regulations
  • Extensive research to supplement consultations
  • Conferences, seminars and customized training
  • Spanish language consultations and/or translation for business documents
  • Trade missions for buyer/supplier links and cultural understanding
  • California-Mexico database of buyers and suppliers

We are very fortunate to be linked with the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) export offices in Sacramento and Mexico City, who can provide information and trade leads critical to the success of our clients. Working together with other CITDs and CMTACs, we provide access to and guidance with outbound and inbound trade missions and trade shows.  For additional information or an appointment with one of our consultants. Contact Sam Driggers for more information.