Foreign Executive and Matchmaker Training

The Foreign Executive Training and Matchmaker Program was developed by the Northern California Center for International Trade Development to meet a need identified by California-based foreign tourism business operators and owners.

Since 2006, Sacramento CITD has successfully hosted and organized programs and speakers for more than twenty Chinese Business Leaders and Government Executive delegations with China metropolitan cities and provinces along the east coast of the Yangtze River. China, with its fast growth over the years, has now emerged as a key player in the global economy in the world. Establishing strong trade network relations with China is important for many U.S. businesses and companies in order to enter China’s market to sell their goods and services, help U.S. businesses and companies in gaining a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the Chinese marketplace, as well as to establishing direct contacts with potential trading partners and government officials. These Foreign based Business and Government Executive delegations are based on professional technical training to learn the best practices in a host of industry service sectors including personnel management, business, finance, agriculture, health, legal, entrepreneurship, marketing, transportation, and many others. The duration of such delegations is usually a minimum of one day to a maximum of five days of intensive adult and mid career technical training services and networking opportunities. In early 2006, five separate California based foreign tourism business operators and owners turned to the Northern California CITD for training. Since February of 2006, over 500 Chinese business and government professionals have participated in industry specific and focused technical training at the Northern California CITD. Dozens of California based service professionals throughout the Sacramento region have already exported their technical know-how through this CITD program to the foreign participants and have established new foreign networks of business contacts as a result. In addition, dozens more California companies have networked with inbound foreign visitors during the training cycles.

More and more companies in the U.S. are finding that China is their key to success in Asia. Being an intern working at the Northern California CITD with Director Brooks Ohlson and International Trade Specialist Ester Gordillo on these Foreign Executive Training Programs, has helped me widen my eyes on the global market and also given me an opportunity to assist many companies and businesses in the US to expand their businesses and establish strong network relations with China’s business leaders and government officials. to further assisting our local clients, business and entrepreneurs to enter Chinese market. I truly value the opportunity working with both directors on these projects because not only I have gained tremendous experience in business arena but also strengthen my marketing, communication and written skills. Furthermore, all the network skills and knowledge that I have gained while working at Sacramento CITD with Chinese Business Leaders and Foreign Executive Training Delegations give me a chance to help Sacramento local businesses to conduct more market research about China’s current market. On the other hand, I also believed it has helped me to prepare myself with my very first step to accomplishing my career goal to become an ambassador because it is very important to learn and understand the process of trading through the world since trading, exporting and importing are the major forces that drive the economy in the world. Through the CITD internship, I was also able to gain valuable hands on experience in the international trading zone that will help me to be successful once I step out from college.