Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program

Market Research Reports: Canada & Mexico Focus

The Sacramento Center for International Trade Development, a program of the Los Rios Community College District Economic & Workforce Development program, is pleased to present these reports, produced as part of the Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program Application, Agricultural Marketing Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, submitted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, in participation with California Centers for International Trade Development, Los Rios Community College District and the Mission College District.

The reports offers information for “Aligning Import Perspectives of Foreign Buyers with Export Training for New-to-Export Small Businesses: A focus on Canada and Mexico and the Consumer-Oriented Food Sector.”

The two reports contains research findings on the import purchasing perspectives of foreign buyers in Canada and Mexico as it relates to new-to-export small businesses. These findings offer an on-the-ground assessment of expectations and observations of businesses in Mexico and Canada who are buying products from the United States.

In particular, the research findings reviewed the problem that new-to-export businesses have in entering a foreign market with a specific focus on Canada and Mexico. Findings examine new-to-export businesses challenges related to a diversity of issues, from customs procedures and foreign regulations to lack of trained staff and cultural barriers.

New-to-export businesses are often seen as offering new and innovative products that have yet to be mainstreamed within the trade sector (retail and food service). There is ample opportunity for sales of these kinds of products in both Canada and Mexico for U.S. new-to-export businesses, especially for those located in rural counties of California.

Canada Market Research Report: Download PDF

Mexico Market Research Report: Download PDF