Nancy Alatorre

International Special Projects Coordinator

Nancy Alatorre is the International Special Projects Coordinator Coordinator at the Northern California-Sacramento Regional Center for International Trade Development. Ms. Alatorre responsibilities include the coordination of inbound/outbound trade missions, import/export seminars, exhibitions at international trade shows, and Statewide and International Projects. In addition, Ms. Alatorre works closely with stakeholders and partner organizations to facilitate programs throughout the State of California.

In addition to her role, Ms. Alatorre has resumed the responsibility of assisting with coordination of statewide projects – most notably the ongoing California State Trade Expansion Promotion (STEP). Ms. Alatorre has traveled to Dubai, UAE to assist and oversee the STEP Activity – Arab Health Show 2020. Ms. Alatorre also assists with the coordination of outbound/inbound trade promotional activities, international delegations, and statewide trade activities.

Ms. Alatorre has undertook various marketing projects, in which she directed and assisted with the projects. Ms. Alatorre took the lead role in the e-book design, software management, and marketing director of the Global Careers Handbook: 3rd Edition: An International Jobs Resource Guide for California Students (available 2020). 

Ms. Alatorre is currently a candidate for a Master’s of Science with a concentration in Financial Crime and Compliance Management at Utica College. Ms. Alatorre is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies with a concentration in the MENA region and French. Ms. Alatorre focused her studies in the Middle East, researching international conflict, economic relations, and analyzed peace security solutions between governments.