Student/Vocational Training

The Sacramento CITD offers new students, re-entry adults and workers seeking new skills industry-specific education, training and services. CITD programs contribute to the continued growth and development of a highly skilled and globally competitive workforce ensuring the Capital Region’s overall socioeconomic health and prosperity.

CITD, in particular, specializes in providing programs whose underlying emphasis is the acquiring of Global Skills? The Development Education Research Centre defines Global Skills as the following.

  • An ability to communicate with people from a range of social and cultural backgrounds;
  • An ability to work within teams of people from a range of backgrounds and other countries;
  • Openness to a range of voices and perspectives from around the world;
  • Willingness to resolve problems and seek solutions;
  • Recognition and understanding of the impact of global forces on people’s lives;
  • Willingnes to play an active role in society at local, national and international level.