WUSATA Trade Lead: China – Yogurt, Grapes, Dried Sugar Confectionary

WUSATA Trade Leads

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Trade leads are time-sensitive requests from foreign buyers looking to source specific products from U.S. suppliers.

Country: China

Company: Topchef (Beijing) Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Description: Established in 2001, Topchef (Beijing) Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of foodservice ingredients, bakery ingredient in particular. Their main products include canned fruit, dried fruits, fruit jams, fruit filling from Europe, southeast Asia etc. The company mainly supplies to well-known chained bakery stores and food manufactories in mainland China, such as Holiland, BreadTalk, Ganso, Paris Baguette etc., covering hundreds of stores. Regarding U.S. products, the company has not imported directly from U.S. suppliers before. However, Ms. Liu gave a high comment on U.S. products and showed her intention to know more about U.S. products.

Product(s): Yogurt, Grapes, Dried Sugar Confectionery

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